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JMR removes the hassle factor for clients, thereby freeing them up to perform their core functions and increases the success rate of toll plaza. The research and development of toll plaza management are paramount importance to manage the project in a smooth and effective manner. There is always a requirement of professionally qualified and skilled set up of toll plaza. Our motivated team, best HR practices, and strong administrative and Innovative methodologies in our unique operating system which is developed by certain researches.

Following are the numerous benchmark points associated with JMR and is one should consider each project on its individual’s merits.

  • Designing a customized services model.
  • Operational costs may be more efficient, flexible and effective while often reducing costs, to improve planning.
  • JMR research and clarify tasks and task specification.
  • JMR approaches every Toll Plaza with a fact based analysis – we initially diagnose the overall local situation of the Toll Plaza before developing a detailed customized solutions.
  • Due to proper planning our team quick start to earn every Rupee in toll operation.
  • Our Strict enforcement & efficient Toll operations remove all potential threats to work place.
  • Company creates our own opportunity and performs to earn our fees.
  • Company binds bridge the gap between the right opportunity and the right talent.
  • Company arranges skilled training programmes for employment.
  • Company provides trained and dedicated manpower for managing toll plazas. So that no longer hassles and the long process of recruiting.
  • We build rigorous processes and train the team to earn revenue from every “no exempted” vehicle passing clients toll plaza.
  • Strict enforcement & efficient Toll operations decreasing the exemptions and are at an all time low from the COD (commercial operations date).
  • Avoid leakage of traffic and toll collection results increase the collection volumes due to our powerful Project Performance Monitoring service support.
  • R&D and implementation on Innovative methodologies to improve on service, quality, performance and support.
  • Because of our traffic management reduce traffic congestion and accident rate is lower.
  • We treys best of to reduce customer complaints.
  • The roads are kept better maintained so road user can experience joyful journey which gives them happiness moments.
  • Our highway management services like ambulance or vehicle recovery in case of breakdowns will provide all facilities of emergency system required.
  • Commitment to prevention of pollution.
  • Our commitment to continual improvement of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system performance.
  • Getting outstanding performance at each level of the overall team in order to maximize the satisfaction.
  • Gives the idea about the success rate of the toll plaza.
  • JMR work and perform as a business partner and not like outsourcing vendors.
  • Our service encourages the toll plaza which helps in improving the overall infrastructure of the country and thus the economy.