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However, most of the organizations were need every moment to spend focused on growing their capital. Toll and revenue collection provides the financial backbone for capital improvements and transit service. Most of the organizations are thirsty to run toll projects on top level performances and to achieve sustainable quality growth.

JMR removes the hassle factor for clients, thereby freeing them up to perform their core functions with increases the success rate of toll plaza. JMR thinks, a managing a toll plaza is not just job, it’s almost a responsibility. JMR work and perform as a partner and not like outsourcing vendors. Due to rapidly growth in transportation and daily new demands of road users there must be need getting outstanding performance at each level of the overall team in order to maximize the satisfaction. The benefits associated with JMR are numerous, and one should consider each project on its individual merits. Ongoing operational costs that may be avoided by associated with JMR are also a consideration. JMR allows organizations to be more efficient, flexible and effective, while often reducing costs. We will strive towards delighting our clients by providing a profit maximize for a long term with a highly effective, lean and fast moving productivity.

Company takes care of everything for its clients by managing a following address in toll operation by systematic manner.


Toll operation service is our principal service which includes round the clock 24*7 availability of well trained user friendly staff experts. Our toll plaza management team developed a series of unique systems and operating strategic that are specifically designed to maximize each plaza revenue and potential with discipline. Our toll operation system is able to cross verify the manpower work function to electronic system by our several audits and Innovative methodologies. Our unique toll collection by Billing Systems, Manual Systems, ETC Systems, POS Billing Systems operation reduces revenue leakage and reflects reports to toll authorities MIS.

So that Company unique toll operating system is giving assurance of result in revenue collection, fixing of revenue leakage strategy, recording of data, traffic management on plaza and all ancillary activities.


We are the only company provides a latest accounting and auditing system for toll authorities. We address expenses and consumables audits in this services Our Back Office Support Team performs monthly/quarterly audit as per clients’ requirement. Our toll auditing reports is a backbone for your organization, which achieves your utility and cost reduction goals for optimizing and development the functionality of the toll plaza. Our expert team reports of auditors and researchers will definitely help to clients and gives the idea about the success rate of the toll plaza. Company auditor team has proven experience and knowledge to successfully manage a toll plaza with the importance of maintaining confidentiality with regards to all kinds of information & data.

Project Performance Monitoring services

A real strength of Company is it’s a Project Performance Monitoring service which doesn’t provide by any company in toll industry. Company develops and implemented Project Performance Monitoring service for remotely managed toll plaza. This system will always create a pressure and burden on field working staff about frisking activities. In project performance monitoring services we provides toll plaza monitoring by a online control room 24*7 in 365 days. We address topics such as coordination in major incident service for emergency response, 24*7 in 365 days per day traffic flow analysis transaction tracking databases, billing systems, integrated customer service functional, manual toll collection using cash, smart card, discount pass, monthly pass and etc. In that Services Company also provides vigilance visit, surprise checking, operation and planning of reduces revenue leakage with a reports to toll authorities. It works in collaboration with the members of the back office team to higher level toll expert management team. Such service toll collection using ETC system, setting up accounts, creating statements and mailings interfacing with external financial services such as banks, cash transfer companies, tracking payments identifying accounts. All these services are satisfies the as per requirements of its clients.

With matchless coordination and collaboration in the organization system helps insure that our work results in toll operational specifications and revenue collection

Liaison/PR Services

Liaison is extremely important on roads to run a plaza successfully. Our ultimate goal is total client and customer satisfaction along with convenience and safety of the road user, we offer a great value add to all our clients which we call our liaison and PR service. Company cares everything for our clients and run our smooth operation at toll plazas by liaisons with the Local political leaders, Local administration authorities, Local police station, Traffic police, NHAI/PWD authorities, District/ Taluka magistrate, advocates, Military and PRINT/ELECTRONIC Media authorities. Company personnel are remaining always in touch with GOVT. bodies and keep updating them with the latest developments in the area. Company also gives co-operation in solving issues that might need their intervention.