Welcome to JMR


JMR is designed and planned Road incident management service for emergency response and restoring normal road capacity as early as possible. It consists of coordination of many secondary and ancillary organizations (e.g. Private and Government department’s ambulances, crane recovery vehicles and fire services). JMR is all arranged as per our client’s requirement and removes all hassle in it.

Patrolling Services:-

Cleaning, removal of weeds/ vegetation and unknown debris, route patrol, mechanical help for vehicles that break down on the highways and protect other vehicles from such vehicles, identify traffic hazards, unauthorized parking, remove dead animals/birds, observe, record and report in respect of the highway.

Ambulance Vehicle Service:-

Company provides ambulance service by under vehicle accident, floods, storms or other random evens in 24*7,365 days with all facilities of emergency system required

Crane Recovery Services:-

Company provides crane recovery service under vehicle accidents, break down vehicles or other random emergency evens in 24*7,365 days.