Welcome to JMR


To encourage teamwork, we have designed employee centric programs launched by name JMR which stands for joint master responsibility. Where employees are given opportunities to joint master relations with one and all. Talent forms the backbone of our organization and keeping the employee at the centre, we have built a culture that breeds innovation and enables our people and clients to achieve their highest potential. In the pursuit of “Best in Class”, we believe that our employees are our most valuable assets, and not only do we want to ensure that we engage with our people to ensure that they are fully equipped to deliver business success, but we also believe that staff behavior is key to providing clients with a high quality experience. There are no set time frames for movement from one level to the next. We have a formal performance appraisal system consisting of project wise and annual appraisal processes which ensures that career progression is based on merit and readiness of an employee to occupy the next role, rather than seniority. We ensure that maximum growth opportunities are filled through internal job promotions. The right aptitude and the willingness to work can take you to the top.


Every month, each plaza sends their star of month nominations by through their plaza manager to Head Office, where the company committee evaluates each and every nomination and selects one or two outstanding behaviors from each plaza for the post of Plaza Incharge, Toll Admin, Lane supervisor, Toll Collector. These selected behaviors are then sent back to each respective plaza. If there is more than one outstanding behavior selected, then the Plaza’s own elected JMR Committee decides which of the behaviors is best in class. Every month the selected behavior is displayed on a notice board in the plaza. At the end every year, JMR Committee will decide best behavior of the 12 displayed each plaza. Among that JMR Committee decided one of the best behaviors for every post. Best behavior choosing by disciplinary actions, attendance, minimum shortage amount, health, safety, internal audits and quality of work criteria basics.

Categories within the Program for which an employee can be nominated include the following:

  • Best Plaza Incharge Award
  • Best Plaza Toll Admin Award
  • Best Lane Sup. Award
  • Best Toll Collector Award
  • Best House Keeping Award
  • Great Idea Award
  • Customer Service Award
  • Best Toll Plaza Award (Supporting Employees from the winning Best Toll Plaza Award receives a monetary certificate for their contribution as part of the winning plaza.)

At the end of the year, each winner then receives Price and a certificate for winning with star treatment at the yearend function for themselves and their partner. This encourages teams to work together and these areas are reported on every month in graph format for all employees to see and identify areas of improvement.