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Employee benefits

Employees are paid the minimum wages as per the labour laws besides being paid statutory benefits like PF, ESIC, Gratuity, Bonus etc. They are also provided uniforms and iden safety accessories etc. In some cases they are also provided with a Mediclaim and a Group Accident Insurance if the customer is willing to pay for the same.

 Salary disbursement

 - Salary Bank Accounts in choice of bank*

 - Payroll Cards*

 - Cash disbursement*


 - ESIC membership*

 - Life insurance cover*

 - Medical insurance*

 - Personal accident cover*

 - Identity Card*


 - Intranet*

 - Payslips*

 - Leave & attendance statement*


 - Uniform*

 - Mobile*

 Retirement benefits

 - PF membership*

 Training activities

 - Induction training*

 - Functional / vocational training*

 On demand services

 - Payroll helpdesk*

 - Salary statement*

* Refers to optional benifits.