The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has laid down comprehensive policy guidelines for private sector participation in this growth sector. JMR is multidisciplinary organization. The Company plans to perform activities in design, installation, toll tax collection operation, maintenance of toll plaza, staffing services, traffic surveys, route patrol, management and control of traffic, road maintenance contracts, road incident management systems, facilities & system management, with legal services agreement to all revenue collecting authorities and concessionaires on National and State highways on pan India basic. This agreement will detail the kind of services that will be offered, and the kind of response criteria that clients can except from us.

A toll plaza is used to collect a fee, for the use of that particular road. Toll and Revenue collection provides the financial backbone for capital improvements and transit service. Successful capital improvements and transit services leads to work places which better support the flow of productive processes while adding value and reducing costs. Leakage of traffic, toll collection and poor audit & accountability reduces the collection volumes, which in turn affects the amount of capital that is invested in road projects and thus the execution of these projects going ahead. To avoid leakage through toll evasion, fraud or technical faults, in traditional systems, Company is constantly improving the instruments and using advance computerized technologies with powerful back office support service system to provide time bound error free solution to the clients. We work and perform as a part of Clients Company and not like outsourcing vendors. Our back office support works in collaboration with the members of the Project Performance Monitoring service team to higher level toll expert management team, whose is independence, intellect, integrity and courage will strengthen the board and create sustained competitive advantage. With matchless coordination and collaboration in our organization systems makes client’s organization maximize the collection volumes, which in turn affects the amount of capital of client. Company maximizes their capabilities through a process of Innovative methodologies and training in the fundamentals of teamwork and quality assurance. Company also monitors all aspects of its performance and will implement improvements when appropriate.

Sound project management techniques facilitate us to monitor and control the resources and take up challenging projects and meet aggressive deadlines within the allocated budget while complying with the highest standard of quality. Company has included a mixture blend of to provide services with advisor, recruiter and trainer to handle all operation. Our disciplined team of experts and various top consultants of the industry provide a professional, objective accountable and impartial approach to every assignment, describes the current scope of the discipline at both operational and strategic levels. This helps insure that our work results in toll operational specifications and revenue collection. The scope, range of services, activities, responsibilities, skills and knowledge of toll plaza management are all intended to better integrate existing organizational factors. The future scope of toll plaza management is also considered, taking into account organizational factors, current conditions, and the impact of future innovation and change.

We are also in the business of effectively understanding your manpower requirements, procuring the candidate with the desired profile and building trusting relationships. Committed to establish and maintain a positive difference to your staffing needs. Company is a headhunting and manpower recruitment firm of high repute and acknowledgment. We have gained this recognition by providing exemplary customer service and competent employees to diverse corporate, of all sizes in India. With our industry expertise, we understand that company’s today require more than a skilled candidate they reach for employees who are productive, exhibit a positive attitude and have the ability to become a member of their team. Apart from traditional practices to source candidates (like advertising in newspapers), we also incorporate innovative means to procure right professionals. Our experts leverage the power of technology based recruitment and focus on online media to make sure that our clients receive the most suitable candidates for their organization. From our executive leadership to our teams in the field, we share a genuine sense of respect and stewardship for the places where we work and the people whose lives we impact. In order to provide these services effectively, we adopt an innovative approach. We are backed with a competent team comprising of trainers, HR consultants and recruiters.

We shall conduct our operations in a manner so that we protect client, property and the environment by identifying, controlling and reducing all associated risks to a level As Low as Reasonably Practicable. All our team members are professionally driven and work abiding by the core values of the company, integrity, professionalism, seamlessness and commitment. Due to all this, we are able to handle a strong client base and developed a long-lasting and truthful relationship with the clients. Company takes care of everything for its clients. In addition, we are in quest of becoming a icon of excellence in the domain.

At the core of everything we do is the promise to provide solutions that have a positive impact and on clients and road user’s requirement. We follow through on this promise by focusing on client needs to deliver quality, safe, financially-successful projects with integrity, through innovation, professionalism, active leadership in quality service and sustained growth by delivering value to our customers.


Our work is our mission. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions to create value and make a difference to toll authorities and concessionaires on highways as well as to make the travel of road users safe with moments of happiness.


Our vision serves as the framework for our guides, every aspect of our industry by understand the trends and forces that will outline our industry in the future and move promptly to prepare for what's to come ahead. Company is always geared up to create a new benchmark. Cultivate a winning network of road users and working partners, together we create mutual, long term. Bring to the toll and revenue collecting authorities and road users to top level performance with portfolio of quality brands, road user satisfy and joyful journey. Our aspiration is to be leader in developing accredited qualification and consultancy programs for the toll industry. To establish company as the leading Toll Plaza Management Company and building company as a Global Brand in Tolling.